Shantha Ratii Initiatives: Indian Classical Dance Classes

The time I got to reenact Damyanti

After a full nite shoot that ran into the morning (luckily for me I had won the trust and support of the all-men-crew who were members of the union especially the ones from Kerala!) one of the earliest female Kathakali artiste, did not turn up for the shoot! I had to step in and take her role as Damyanti! A role I had performed with my Guru in my mid-teens! My Guru’s signature role is as Hamsa, the golden Swan-messenger between the lovers – King Nala n Damyanti. He is remembered and celebrated for it. I got another chance to do it with him! 
I had to get dressed (pic: with ample help!) while directing the classroom sequences. 
Finally when I got in front of the camera and started performing the solo, my Guru, standing behind the camera couldn’t help the streams of tears rolling down his cheeks. 
It was a cathartic moment for Guru and Shishya. 
Then we headed out to the Keli beach to shoot the Kalaripayettu sequences. 
Satyan and his team were masterly and yet open to my designing their moves for the camera. 
Will always remain a humble student of life and it’s transformative moments.

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