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SRI - Best Indian Classical Dance Classes in Singapore: Bringing centuries-old culture to you through unique teaching techniques.

Shantha Ratii Initiatives (SRI) Indian classical dance academy’s over-arching aim is to inspire, enrich and transform students through dance! To empower students through the numerous benefits of dance.

We believe in exposing them to Indian culture through Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dance styles with Yoga, giving them deep roots to grow tall.

We are leading Indian classical dance classes in Singapore and provide dance training in Indian Classical dance genres – Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi for both children and adult students in beginners, intermediate, and advanced level classes.

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She brings classical remoteness near the heart...

A nayika enticing her beloved she can be devastating in unleashing her charms. In pure dance numbers, Shantha with her stage presence weaves a web of magic, dancing in an effortless manner.
– Dr Sunil Kothari, Scholar, Dance Critic, Times of India
Shantha Ratii Initiatives Best Indian Classical Dance Classes in Singapore
SRI is a best Indian classical dance academy in Singapore
Kuchipudi dancers may occasionally lack grace and finesse. Not so Shantha… in spite of all the globalised exposure her Kuchipudi still has the indigenous flavour… Shantha’s penchant for abhinaya had its finest moments in the Annamachariya’s composition.
– Leela Venkatraman, Senior Critic, The Hindu
“She brings classical remoteness near the heart... She is destined to shine as a lovely Venus among the stars”.
– Padma Bhushan Dr Mulk Raj Anand, Author
Shantha Ratii Initiatives is one of the best Indian classical dance classes in Singapore
SRI is a Leading Indian Classical Dance Classes Singapore
“Sparkling yet soft character of Kuchipudi style admirably suits her artistic temperament…. Her winsome eyes are capable of expressing highly complex emotions with both subtlety and charity”.
– Jiwan Pani, Poet, Musicologist, Scholar, Educationist


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We make you want to dance...right now!


International Dance Day Festival 2022

SRI Honouring Warrior Women Past and Present

Historically, women have ingeniously pushed boundaries to achieve their goals, often for society’s greater good. Today’s women are no different – like the female heroes who stepped up during the worst of the Covid 19 pandemic and those who continue to soldier on.
SPARKS will pay tribute to the unstinting courage of today’s women who fought the Covid 19 pandemic on several fronts. Through dance, we express their varied experiences, emotions and moods in the vortex of the pandemic. This modern tale will play out with a dialogue between Malay and Indian dance disciplines – a venture that will push known boundaries and open new vistas; under the mentorship of Shantha Ratii, who has 4 decades of experience and exposure across the globe in performance, choreography and teaching. Watch as we pay tribute to all those courageous women through dance.

We Make You Want to Dance....Right Now!