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Shooting with Arriflex 3 camera in the river during the monsoon

When I was shooting for “And Miles to Flow”, I wanted to show a slice of the simple life of a Guru – my Kathakali Guru, (Oyur Govinda Pillai Ashan) having his early morning dip in the river before going to the temple. 
It was monsoon season in Kerala and it had bucketed down the previous night. 
I wanted a shot of him pouring water over his head and catch the morning light on the water droplets. 
The current in the river was strong and when my DOP KN Nambiar (Faculty, Film and TV Institute of India) found that the river bed was rocky as well, and it was risky for him to go further into the river to get the shot I wanted, especially with the heavy Arriflex 3 camera. 
So I went into the river with him, to hold him so he gets a steady shot. 
We canned it! 
You will see it in the docu-film on Sunday 27th August 2023 at 11am Eastern US-Canada; 5pm UK; 8:30pm India; 4pm (local) Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

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