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And Miles to Flow” Docu-film Relaunch

Today is THE Day! 
This re-launch of the docu-film “And Miles to Flow” is purely the brainchild of my dear US based friend Anita Kulkarni. 
She is a unique mix of Architect, Singer and Arts Promoter through The Renu Forum for the Arts. 
I would not have relieved those precious moments I have shared with you in the last few days, if not for Anita’s global re-launch efforts. 
Renu Forum has been in the fore-front of Arts Promotion for a number of years. 
Thank you for supporting the Arts. 
See you at the other end! 
Do kindly note: 
1. Online streaming can occasionally face a glitch. Check your internet and its speed. If a problem persists, contact us at for a duplicate ticket or a fresh link. 
2. If you have not received the e-ticket, check your spam folder and / or contact us at for a duplicate ticket or a fresh link.

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