Shantha Ratii Initiatives: Indian Classical Dance Classes

Understanding Indian Culture Kids Workshop

We believe in empowering our children by giving them an understanding of their own culture which is like roots to a tree.

They absorb like sponges! The earlier we root them in culture, the more empowered they will be.
It will be their reference point in negotiating the world as they grow.

Learning whilst having FUN in a supportive environment! With rhythms, movement, painting, yoga, a visit to the temple, and end with a quiz! 

RESULT: The 3 fun-filled learning, immersive sessions were most rewarding as we saw how much they learnt and  could re-call!

The quiz and rewards were their high-point! And for us  the satisfaction of having exposed them to a culture!

Dashavatara Kids Workshop

A workshop to acquaint children with the story of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu which represents human evolution from the Fish to Human form. Illustrated with pictures and involving them in drawing and coloring and storytelling through hand gestures.

Dashavatara, with story-telling and movement, painting and sculpture – a temple visit to see it depicted on its walls!

A rewarding as well as FUN-filled session! A perfect infotainment for them!