Shantha Ratii Initiatives: Indian Classical Dance Classes

Digital Re-launch of Docu-film "And Miles to Flow"

27 Aug 2023
Venue: Digital
Time: 11am Eastern US-Canada, 5pm UK, 8:30pm India, 4pm (local) Singapore, Malaysia,
Indonesia and Australia.

This is to share with you a different kind of engagement with Asian Dance Theatres.

As a classical dancer, my fervent passion for these forms led me to research and direct a docufilm called “And Miles to Flow” featuring Kathakali of India, Chinese Opera, Noh and kabuki theatres of Japan.

The more I delved in, the more I discovered the kinship in spirit that they share. The sweep of human imagination that bore these forms around the same time in history held me in awe; how they independently evolved theatrical languages with striking similarities. Due to its breadth and depth, it took me 4 years to complete!

Despite many hurdles and hindrances I managed to complete the film and it was immediately selected for the International Documentary Festival in 1998 and a retrospective in 2006.

It is now being re-launched by a US based non-profit organisation called Renu Foundation helmed by Anita Kulkurni.

This will be launched globally on Sunday, 27 August 2023 at 11am Eastern US-Canada, 5pm UK, 8:30pm India, 4pm (local) Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

The significant role of a Guru, the training, exercises and body massage techniques, besides males doing female roles, which was a practice even in Shakespearean theatres more than 400 years ago, are some of the features in the film, with Kathakali occupying centre stage. It also traces the role of play houses and its architecture, appropriate to the art forms.

I have also posed the question of the relevance of these rich ancient traditions in the rapidly changing world of the twenty-first century.

I have tried to express my firm belief in its shimmering continuance for the coming generations.

I would like to add that this film is infotainment that will trigger new perspectives and provoke thought amongst students of dance and connoisseurs alike.

We look forward to your joining us and carrying forward future dialogues and discussions.


Students will watch the show for a discounted ticket of $5.

Registration link –

Students will enter coupon STUDENT during checkout.

Then on Aug 30 we will offer to the audience a free invitation to join a post-show interactive session with Director Shantha Ratii.

We hope to see a good participation from your institution for this one-of-a-kind watch!

Indian Rainbow II - Night Festival

25 & 26 Aug 2023
Venue: SRI Studio
Time: 8:00pm to 8:30 pm and 9:30 to 10:00 pm

Living in a multi-racial, multi-cultural society in Singapore, it is not only essential, but a delight to
share the nuances of each other’s cultures.

That’s exactly what Shantha Ratii Initiatives (SRI) will be doing! Sharing the magic and mystery of Indian dance – Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam with a Sutradhar (story-teller) taking you through the sophisticated and stylised language through part of our series ‘Indian Rainbow II’.

I proudly present two of my mentees:
Devika Menon (Bharatanatyam) and Krishnan Unni (Kuchipudi).
Also join us to unravel the beauty and enigma of the Indian Saree!

25th and 26th August, 8:00 to 8:30 pm and 9:30 to 10:00 pm.
Stamford Arts Centre, SRI Studio, #02-01

Come enjoy the colours of the Singaporean palette in “A Date with Tradition” presented by Arts House Ltd in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival 2023.


She's Auspicious

24 April 2023
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: SRI Studio

Shantha Ratii Initiatives (SRI) presented “She’s Auspicious” – current work of Mythili Prakash which is in development. It blurs the lines between Goddess and Woman to explore the paradox of femininity. The piece is a reflection of her identity as a woman, mother, and (caste-privileged) practitioner of Bharatanatyam, and was borne largely out of the isolation over the pandemic which gave her the opportunity to reflect on her dance, its history, the cultural narratives, and her performance of them in a way that she had not done before.

Synopsis - Swati Sougandhikam

10 March 2023
Venue: Stein Auditorium, Habitat Centre
Time: 7:00pm – 8:45pm

Swati Sougandhikam will bring alive the splendid works of a great composer, poet-king Swathi Thirunal of Travancore, Kerala in the nineteenth century.

Traditionally only one or two items of his would be performed in a recital if at all. Here we hope to capture the various moods, poetic excellence and language nuances in one evening, through different dance styles – Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam and Kuchipudi, performed by 3 of the foremost artistes of each genre.

Bharatanatyam – Ms. Rama Vaidyanathan
Mohiniyattam – Ms. Gopika Varma
Kuchipudi – Ms. Shantha Ratii

Each style will be performed highlighting the whole gamut of emotions and variety of situations
reflecting the heroines or “Nayikas” in Indian Literature and thought tradition, ranging from the
playful and reverent. to the agonies of separation and ecstasy of union. Expression of these universal emotions lies at the core of these traditional dance forms.

All of these, though based on traditional lyrics and music, would be presented with fresh Interpretations and new perspectives, making it relevant to modern audiences.

Insights from NLB’s Digital Archive of Singapore Tamil Dance

Dear Friends and  Art-lovers,
Looking forward to seeing you live at my upcoming event in Singapore titled :
Insights from NLB’s Digital Archive of Singapore Tamil Dance: Shantha Ratii
on the 30th of July 2022 at 2.30pm at the Learning Space on Level 10 NLB.
To attend, please register via the link. Register now as seats are limited!
Thank you and hope to see you there!

International Dance Day (IDD) Festival 2022

Dear Friends and  Art-lovers,
A feisty Chinese woman fought wars disguised as a man; an Indian queen ruled by projecting a male persona in public.

Historically, women have ingeniously pushed boundaries to achieve their goals, often for society’s greater good. Today’s women are no different – like the female heroes who stepped up during the worst of the Covid 19 pandemic and those who continue to soldier on.

This 6th edition of the annual IDD Festival Singapore pays tribute to all of them: legendary women warriors – Hua Mulan of China and Queen Rudramma Devi of India; and, modern women of that ilk – mothers, teachers, healthcare workers and countless others who resolutely and resourcefully juggle demanding roles through Covid 19.
Join us to celebrate dance, women and life :
Dates: Friday 2nd September
Saturday 3rd September
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox.
If you are interested in purchasing a ticket please confirm your booking for the number of pax via email or contact us on 90501403 for any questions.

International Dance Day (IDD) Festival 2021

Dear Friends and  Art-lovers,
In the 5th edition of International Dance Day (IDD) Festival 2021 we at SRI are looking forward with eager anticipation of having a live audience!
Last year we had to go digital and had a read of over 40k! However the prospect of having a live audience equals more!
This year we celebrate Women! We collaborate with Sheng Hong Arts Institute and Era Dance Co.
Two Bhatatnatyam dancers and one Chinese dancer share their narratives developing a synergy, in an unprecedented cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary performance.
We also highlight the trials and tribulations faced by a Warrior Queen, based on her gender. We adopt martial arts movements namely Kalaripayattu of Kerala,  India and Silat of the Malay Archipelago in the presentation.
Join us to celebrate dance, women and life :
Dates: Friday 24th September
Saturday 25th September
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox.
If you are interested in purchasing a ticket please confirm your booking for the number of pax via email or contact us on 94241569/ 90501403 for any questions.
Ticket price is $25 per person.
Payment Details :
Bank: DBS Bank
Account name: Shantha Ratii Initiatives (SRI) Ltd
Account no: 288-902303-8
Paynow UEN: 201508089M
Supported by :
National Arts Council
Arts Fund, Sheng Hong Arts Institute
Taste of India
Artistically Yours
Shantha Ratiii

International Dance Day (IDD) Annual Festival Since 2017

Our International Dance Day Festival – Celebrating the World of Dance since 2017!

IDD has featured a tapestry of dance performances featuring established dancers from Singapore Dance Theatre, Flamenco Sin Fronteras, Apsaras Arts, Lasalle College of Arts, Era Dance Theatre, Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, Sri Warisan, Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, Temple of Fine Arts, Sheng Hong Arts Institute and SRI Dance Theatre who pushed the boundaries of art variously.

“SPARKS” the program for mentoring young upcoming dancers into choreographing their own works and giving them a platform – another of SRI’s missions which has produced promising works.

The festival forges a perfect setting for artistes and art-lovers alike to Discover, Reflect, Share and Network with the movers and shakers of the industry in Singapore.

The cross-culture, cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural presentation reflect and celebrate the rich cultural milieu of Singapore. True to SRI’s vision to be inclusive and Unite People through Dance and Dancing for a Cause.

And Miles to Flow

And Miles to Flow” a documentary in 35mm on the Asian Dance-Theatre traditions, produced, directed & scripted by Shantha Ratii. It celebrates the kinship in spirit which Kathakali of India shares with Noh and Kabuki of Japan and the Chinese Opera which was selected for the International Documentary Festival in 1998 and a retrospective in 2007.

Moksha Katha

A provoking solo-dance-theatre that deals with the concept of Dharma – whether Dharma indemnifies us from consequences and how to make sense of the dilemma of righteousness in our day to day dealings.

Performed in 3 dance styles of Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam and Kathakali. 

S (9)


A solo-dance-theatre addressing environmental degradation and climate change. SRI used new artistic practices and innovative approaches to engage with this social issue. 

Performed in 3 dance styles of Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam and Kathakali. 

Mix It Up: 6 Part Series

An exuberant series of different performances, including conversations between artistes from different genres of dance from all over the world. From Ballet, Western Contemporary, Local Poet’s Interpretation, through music and dance, Flamenco, Kathakali, Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. The music was a further experimentation with the Chinese Pipa, Middle-Eastern Oud, Guitar, Sonic Sound, Mridangam, Tabla and Carnatic vocals. It was indeed a representative and relevant dialogue with our city, Singapore. 


Swati Sougandhikam Festival

The works of a King-Poet, Maharaja Swati Thirunal, was given expression in 3 dance styles performed by 3 dancers – Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. 

The narration of the King’s life and creative endeavours and his muses that inspired exceptional works from him, sets the stage for the audience to be transported to  his 19th century royal court. 

“Poothana’s Liberation” and screening of docu-film “And Miles to Flow”

Poothanas Liberation