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My experience looking through an Arriflex 3 camera

Looking through an Arriflex 3 camera and composing a shot and deciding on the lensing was an experience beyond measure! 
Framing, I have come to learn again & again is an essential component in life, in dance choreography and in gaining perspectives. Besides angles and lighting… perhaps an extension of my experience in photography, which was a serious hobby at one time. 
Working with DOP Nambiar with similar sensibilities ( though we had our fair share of disagreements n quarells! )was enhancing. 
Because I had written a detailed script, decisions were easier to make, while staying flexible as well. 
Jumping before the camera and behind the camera happened seamlessly to my own surprise! 
I look forward to sharing these moments with you through my docu-flim “And Miles to Flow” on Sunday 27th August 2023 at 11am Eastern US-Canada; 5pm UK;  8:30pm India; 4pm (local) Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. 
Students can watch the show for a discounted ticket of $5. 
If you register before the launch, you can view it within 48 hours post – launch.

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