Shantha Ratii Initiatives: Indian Classical Dance Classes

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On 15th October 2022, 8:00 PM SGT

Honouring Warrior Women Past and Present

A feisty Chinese woman fought wars disguised as a man; an Indian queen ruled by projecting a male persona in public.  

Historically, women have ingeniously pushed boundaries to achieve their goals, often for society’s greater good. Today’s women are no different – like the female heroes who stepped up during the worst of the Covid 19 pandemic and those who continue to soldier on.      

This 6th edition of the annual IDD Festival Singapore pays tribute to all of them: legendary women warriors – Hua Mulan of China and Queen Rudramma Devi of India; and, modern women of that ilk – mothers, teachers, healthcare workers and countless others who resolutely and resourcefully juggle demanding roles through Covid 19. 

IDD’s signature segment, is SRI’s Industry Development Initiative to nurture home-grown Singaporean artistes.  

SPARKS will pay tribute to the unstinting courage of today’s women who fought the Covid 19 pandemic on several fronts. Through dance, we express their varied experiences, emotions and moods in the vortex of the pandemic. This modern tale will play out with a dialogue between Malay and Indian dance disciplines – a venture that will push known boundaries and open new vistas; under the mentorship of Shantha Ratii, who has 4 decades of experience and exposure across the globe in performance, choreography and teaching.